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State of Michigan Concealed Pistol License Guide and Application


The information within this guide (CLICK ON BUTTON TO RIGHT) is required to be provided to Concealed Pistol License applicants. The applicant must complete the State of Michigan Concealed Pistol License Application and return the unsigned form, a passport-quality photograph, and documentation of the required training to the county clerk’s office.To view a complete copy of the Michigan Concealed Pistol License law, visit a local library or the Michigan State Police’s Web site at www.michigan.gov/msp. A complete copy of the firearms laws of this state shall be furnished upon filing an application.

Firearms Instruction and Range Shooting

Classes Just for Women

Just us girls!

Next Classes:​​ 

Wednesday September 26th 
Wednesday October 10th & 24th

Wednesday November 7th  & 28th

Contact Robin to register for the next "Ladies Only" Concealed Carry Classes to get you CCW /CPL Certified, or to get information on her "Ladies Nights" which consists of about 1/2 hour of classroom instruction and then shooting on the range.


CCW / CPL Classes just for Ladies

Concealed Carry Permits  for Just for Women

State of Michigan Certified CCW / CPL Classes & Certification Just For Women

State of Michigan Concealed Pistol License 

ccw permits for women

We offer two levels of State of Michigan Approved CCW training by certified instructors.Our instructors offer the finest training in Michigan. Many are active Law Enforcement Officers with years of experience.


Our Standard State of Michigan Certified CCW Instruction class is an extensive 12 hour class that, upon completion, satisfies the training requirement for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License / CCW Permit


Our ADVANCED CCW Instruction class goes beyond the basics. We train you in advanced defensive techniques that SAVE LIVES! A MUST for effective self defense.We also offer private instruction. Call (734) 326-7320 for more details,

"Just us girls" 

A fun and enjoyable learning experience Just For Women ONLY $14!

class and range supervised by female nra certified instructors

Ladies, here's your chance to gain some additional instruction and supervised range time by the Firing Line's expert female instructors. "Ladies Nights"  at the Firing Line Indoor Gun Range and Gun Shop consist of about 1/2 hour of classroom instruction and then shooting on the range.  This is a great way to continue your firearms safety and proficiency, and perhaps the best part (as many of our Ladies Night regulars maintain) NO MEN!  

The Firing Line offers CCW / CPL classes just for women as well. Click on the button for full details.