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Self-Defense at the Firing Line

Non-lethal Self Defense products

The Firing Line is one of Metro Detroit's largest firearms dealers and specializes in helping train consumers and law enforcement in firearms. With that said, we understand many people would prefer a non-lethal approach to self defense. 

At the FiringLine, we have a large selection of personal protection products on hand including Pepper Sprays, Pepper Blasters and Tasers.  These products, although non-lethal, are still very effective.  ​The FiringLine will also provide you with specific instructions on each device to ensure you can confidently use the product. They are great for anyone who can’t have or doesn’t want a firearm but still needs some form of protection.  

​These are also great for places firearms are not allowed. Kids in college?  Needs something to fit into a purse?  We can help! 


The Firing Line is one of a few authorized distributors for Tasers in the state of Michigan. The “Taser” taser, is the only available by law in the state of Michigan. It is very powerful (more powerful that what typical law enforcement has) and very effective to combat an aggressor. These tasers are designed to immobilize an aggressor for up 30 seconds giving you plenty of time to drop the taser and escape to safety.  Our staff is full trained and certified to sell tasers and will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Pepper Spray:

The firing line carries many different manufacturers and styles of devices from Pepper Spray Guns, Key Chains, Lipstick Canisters and many more.


Non-Lethal Self Defense Products, Tasers, Pepper Sprays, Pepper Blasters & More

Self Defense & Sporting Enthusiast

At the FiringLine Gun Range and Gun Shop, we are way more than gun sales. We also offer a huge selection of in-store accessories.  Everything from cleaning supplies, safety devices, knives, night vision scopes, holsters, ammunition, safes and non lethal defense products.  If it has something to do with guns or self defense, we probably have it!  Stop in and peruse our showroom or call us if you are looking for a specific product.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll order it for you! As is the case with everything we sell, safe and professional training is encouraged and available.

 Non-Lethal Self Defense Products, Tasers, Pepper Spray

personal protection products

The Firing Line is one of Metro Detroit's largest firearms dealers.  We have a large selection of personal protection products on hand including: Guns, Pepper Spray, Taser, Stun Guns, Firearms Accessories & Clothing, Ammunition and more.  Safety and Training is the number one priority at the Firing Line, and we have a comprehensive offering of training classes available including: CCW / CPL training and certification, Self-Defense classes, Fundamental Firearms Training, special CCW & Self-Defense classes just for women - taught by expert female instructors.  Click the button below for our full offering of training classes.