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Firing Line's Expert Staff

Firing Line has an experienced and knowledgeable staff, many of whom are retired or active duty police officers.  

Our staff are experts and will thake the the time to educate and train you on whatever product or service you may be interested in.

Larry S.

Larry is a retired law enforcement officer where he was a member of the departmental SWAT Team for 15 years.
He worked in patrol and investigation the remainder of his career.  
Larry is a life time member of the NRA
He has trained and taught gun safety for the past 48 years and is a proud member of the Firing Line staff

floyd disbrow

Smith & Wesson Armorer
First Time Shooters Instructor
CPL Range officer
20+ years Sales and Customer service exp.
NRA member
15 years Probation officer 19th District Court

matt fielek

Matt has been with the Firing Line since 2010.  He is a range officer, first time shooter class instructor, a certified Smith & Wesson M&P Armorer and has 3 years of gun sales experience. 

Matt does a lot of reading to keep up on all the latest gun related information, as well as new and upcoming products.  He also has extensive knowledge about building guns, parts, sights and accessories. Matt is a 14 year CPL holder and has been hunting small game and water fowl for 17 years.  He enjoys shooting often at the range with all types of guns in multiple calibers.  

ray hanka

Ray is a member of our floor sales staff and comes to us with a long history of sales and customer service experience.  He is a retired U.S. Navy Radioman and president of a local gun club.  Deeply involved in Cowboy Action Shooting, he is very familiar with the firearms from the 1890’s to 1910 era.  Ray is active in various shotgun sports and mentors people in all types of firearm activities.

NRA Certified Instructor

alan ramsden

20 year Law Enforcement officer
17 year Tactical Team member
14 year sniper operator
5 years sniper coordinator for Law Enforcement Multiple Jurisdictional Sniper Team  
Tactical Team commander 3 years 
​Rifle / Sub Machine gun instructor
​NRA certified instructor.

NRA Certified Instructor

bob nowack

NRA memberGlock Armorer
NRA CPL/CWW Instructor
Instructor at Firing Line for First time Shooters, Fundamentals Firearms class & CPL

NRA Certified Instructor


NRA member
Glock Armorer
NRA CPL/CWW Instructor
Instructor at Firig Line for First time Shooters Fundamentals Firearms class & CPL

Al Vaughan

Al Vaughan has worked at Firing Line since 2010.  Al grew up in a hunting family and at a young age owned a Daisy BB gun along with 22LR, Shotguns and handguns.  

Al trained at Firing Line and has a CPL license.  He is also trained in drawing and shooting from concealment and Mach 1 class that is hand to hand tactics and focus shooting.  

You may also see Al training the First Time Shooters class.  

Certified NRA CPL Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer


Firing Line Instructor For:
Holster Draw 
Ladies Night 
Ladies Mini-Mach 
Private Instruction 
Concealed Pistol License 
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

Certified IDPA Range Safety Officer Michigan
IDPA State Match Lades Champion 2006 and running 
Michigan IDPA Great Lakes Regional Ladies Champion since 2008 and running
​Michigan IDPA National Postal Match Ladies Champion 2010
First Woman in Michigan to attain Master Classification in Stock Service Pistol 2010
Michigan IDPA State Match Champion Custom Defensive Pistol in Expert Classification 2013