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State of Michigan Concealed Pistols License / Concealed Carry

Tips when stopped by police  while carrying your firearm

Because most of the staff at the Firing Line are either Active Duty or Retired Law Enforcement we get asked this question all the time.  What is the proper / best procedure when stopped by the police and you are carrying your firearm?

First, hand the officer your permit ALONG with your license together.  Keep in mind, in Michigan you are required by law not only in traffic stops, but ANY instance where you come in contact with a Law Enforcement Officer to inform him or her that you are carrying.

This video is a great illustration of what to do when stopped by the police when carrying your firearm - keep in mind this is for YOUR safety as well as the officers.  The biggest thing we can stress is to (again) hand the officer your permit along with your license, THEN IMMEADITALY PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL, and await further instructions from the officer.

Informative Videos from the Guys and Gals at the Firing Line 

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Informative videos on the Firing Line Indoor Gun Range and Gun Shop in Westland Michigan.  We'll post info about the store, How to Obtain a State of Michigan Concealed Pistol License / CCW  Permits,  Advanced Shooting Classes, and more.  Please feel free to contact us with any topic you would like us to do a video on.  Any (reasonable) suggestions, and we'll reward you with a FREE Half-Hour of Range Time!